Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adele Adkins

Source of picture: asunglullaby
For those who are not familiar with Adele's voice, I urge you to watch her performance of Someone Like You at the BRIT Awards. It is simply one of the most beautiful musical pieces to grace my ears. Her voice transcends soul like nothing I've ever heard before.

Be wary though. It is easy to plug her soulful sound on replay for days and become sucked into her world of hurt. To ensure your general happiness is kept intact, it is best to limit yourself to two or three songs at any one time. I, myself, have had her '21' album on repeat for around 2 weeks. I have a terrible habit of listening to music I like to the point where I become sick of it. However, I'm not sick of Adele yet. Oddly enough, I've come to enjoy putting myself through her misery since I'm too sensitive to detach myself from her lyrics.

I hope when she sings her songs, she sings to heal. Although, I do not understand how one can sing about heartbreak day in and day out without being reminded of a failed relationship... Still, it takes strong willpower to do what she does. How do you move on when you are constantly being reminded of loss, especially when people expect you to relive the story over and over again? Does she become numb to it all? I would like to think she is very professional in what she does but it makes me nervous when she tears up and her voice cracks when she sings. She's only a human being after all, and blending the personal with business is never easy.

All I can say is... that takes alot of balls.

If you've ever had your heart broken, Someone Like You should be your anthem. But don't check up on the backstory for this song. It will just lead an already depressed and sensitive listener, like me, into morbid angst.


  1. I just got my hands on Adele's album and it is truly beautiful.

    Of course, I had to find out the back story after you told me not to!

  2. I've been listening to her songs religiously for the past 2 months! It's moved on to live YouTube video performances now. Haha.