Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time For High Tea

Source of picture: onelittlewhitecloud

This bitterly cold Sunday afternoon, saw me decked head to toe in an over-sized white coat, black stockings, brown boots and a cream-coloured scarf. The main question going through my mind... dressing for comfort or style? Luckily, I encompassed both into my wardrobe equation, shivered my way outside and onto the streets of Fremantle. But satorialist expeditions aside, a group of 5 girls enjoying mini sandwiches, cake and various herbal teas is one of the most satisfying things I have come across - otherwise known as 'high tea'.

I made sure I paced my eating habits at lunch so as to have room to devour as much as $18 worth of food would let me. Surprisingly, I ended up having a whole plate/tray to myself because we were one person short to share the delicacies all evenly. I need to stress that I did not plan that. I just happened to end up with a 3 tiered stand... and contrary to popular belief, I did not eat all of it. I became too full.

Scones, jam, whipped cream (my favourite), cucumber sandwiches and creme brulee. How quintessentially... British. Haha. Throw in a good book and I could see myself having high tea everyday in a cute cafe in London.

Here's hoping...

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