Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Discovering Lady Antebellum

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My last week has been filled with study and learning new ways to resolve conflicts. But as I found out, keeping the peace is much better said than done. University woes aside, I've come across a great band that has kept my sanity (somewhat) at bay during times of frustration. I am always pleased when coming across a band I am unfamiliar with. Discovering new music by myself is, for me, equivalent to a child getting a toy as a present. I will discover, download, and play until I am sick with it and ready for another. 

As much as I'd like to think I have a wide taste in music and am open to listening to anything*, I've never been an avid fan of country music. It is a prejudice I hold very strongly. Maybe it's the southern accents that I don't acquaint myself with on a regular basis, or maybe it is the images of 'boot-scootin', and fiddles and violins that I associate with this genre. But Lady Antebellum has crossed that threshold of checkered shirts and cowboy hats, and into the elusive 'country-pop' territory. They've wormed their way into my musical soul and made some elements of country okay. Haha. (I've still yet to be completely sold on this genre.)

Yes, some of their songs are quite cheesy and have the potential to be played over the credits at the end of a romantic-comedy movie. But the majority of their music is awfully sweet, endearing and heartbreaking - the foundations of any good piece of music. And it doesn't hurt to have brilliant vocals to add that extra emotion to any given song. I suppose the most attractive part of their music is their story-telling. Admittedly, I believe that country singers do this quite well. It is in their nature to do so.

And if Adele has a soft spot for them, I'm sure I can make room for their music as well. Speaking of who, I must make mention of a great cover of Lady A's "Need You Now" sung by Adele and Darius Rucker. You can watch it here.

*Although, 'death metal' will never be found on my iPod.

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