Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Tropical Island Getaway

2012 started off with a bang. There's nothing like the experience of spending New Year's Eve/Day in another country (which I have done for the past 3 years - I'm making it a tradition!). But when all the fun is gone, the real kicker is coming back to 'reality'. There's no hiding it. If I could live everyday like I didn't pay taxes and had all the time in the world, I would spend every second of it on a beach with a plentiful supply of coconuts. Mmm... coconut water. I've yet to finish a whole one. 

Keeping to the point, Phuket was lovely. The beaches, the weather (albeit sometimes unbearable), and the people were all lovely. And because of this atmosphere that encompasses the island, it's all too easy to forget that Thailand predominantly thrives on tourism to sustain their economy, and many of the locals make a living serving wealthy tourists whilst by being paid in shekels. It's a wonder how they manage to keep a smile on their faces when they greet us fondly every day. I suppose the pristine waters do help...

For me, the next few weeks consists of work, work, study, and more work. The only thing that will keep me going is the money being spent towards a trip to Northern India. I'm saving up for my next big adventure which I will partake in after I graduate in July/August, and, fingers crossed, I'm hoping to have some sort of spiritual awakening/enlightenment (ala: Eat Pray Love). With so many temples, ashrams, and holy cities to see, I could possibly write a No. 1 bestselling novel about my experiences. But I suppose for now, my lovable blog will just have to do.

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