Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

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"Everything passes, and we do eventually get out from under the things and people that have burdened us. More precisely, we outlive our memories of them." - Andrei Bitov
Everything passes. The dreaded harrowing feelings that accompany our pain, our loss, and our moments of weakness and vulnerability. Memory is a powerful thing. We find ourselves reminiscing of better times, when bouts of euphoria are needed in our everyday mundane lives. Or it could have the opposite effect; reliving terrible pain, lost hope, and the toxic habit of replaying the events over in our minds until we collapse into a messy heap.

But our minds don't have to function in this manner. That's the beauty in memory fading. We can utilise its power and overcome burdens that terrorise our minds. Of course, this does not come without struggle. Everybody struggles and more than once, we can find ourselves stuck in the same pattern of sad moments. But we learn  from those moments, we learn to move on, and eventually we do our very best to grow out of the sorrow and heartbreak - with the external love and support that is offered to us. That is something important to remember. This too, and others, shall pass. Always.

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