Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drown Your Troubles in Coffee

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"Coffee is real good when you drink it. It gives you time to think. It's a lot more than just a drink; it's something happening. Not as in hip, but like an event, a place to be, but not like a location, but somewhere within yourself. It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be yourself and have a second cup."- Gertrude Stein
Lattes. Mochas. Iced Coffees. Frappacinos. I am not exactly certain why I find coffee so appealing. I know I love to drink it. Maybe it's the hidden philosopher in me, just waiting for the caffeine to spark some inspiration into my day. I saw it as a necessity to get through university, and now drinking the beverage is required for me to face those early mornings before heading into work. To be honest, I find it hard to drink a full cup of coffee in the mornings. My stomach isn't awake enough to process any solids or liquids at that stage. It is also the reason why I sometimes skip breakfast (Yes, I know that's a big no-no!). But I can never resist having just a smidgen of coffee, this ensures that you will receive the a happy-chappy Sabrina in the mornings. 

Unfortunately, all the coffees I've had the pleasure of tasting have been good to mediocre. Save for only one occasion when there was a Starbucks just around the corner from the building that I used to work in in Singapore - oh yes, I was a frequent frappacino girl. The cream, coffee beans, caramel syrup, and sugar high was a beverage dream for a sweet-tooth lass like myself. And with the severe humidity that was present, downing that icey-cold goodness was heaven. 

I revel in the warm, fuzzy feeling you receive when you take that first sip. Oh, the fuzziness is glorious! As well as the air of elegance and calm that surrounds a cup of coffee. A chance to think and be by yourself. Although, it also has many great advantages for social situations.

Me: "Let's catch up over coffee."
You: "Okay, sounds great."

It is a general consensus that coffee plays a vital importance in human life. But whatever the reason one may have for their love of coffee, everybody should harness their inner peace and have a cuppa. Who knows what brilliance lurks behind the caffeine? In fact, I just might have one right now.

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