Monday, May 9, 2011

Herbal Tea, Fruit Smoothies & Cover Letters

Source of picture:veranoazul
My fingers are itchy and I need to take a break from all the cover letters that I've barely started writing. I'd say this is the perfect combination for a blog post on a somewhat respected online forum. I'm kidding. I'm sure are the best in what they do and take every step to ensure that its users are satisfied with their service. (Please don't delete my blog!)

Here are some of the enlightening thoughts that are running through my noggin:

I attempted Pilates this morning, for the second time in ... my life. All I can say is that it is terribly difficult for something that looks like a 5 year old could do with ease. In saying that, a 5 year old would have the appropriate flexibility to take on the poses standing on his or her head. Getting old(er) is a b****.

Listening to music by Train. Music gold. Can you imagine no first dance, freeze-dried romance, five-hour phone conversations, the best soy latte that you ever had, and me? Still stands as one of my most beloved lyrics.

I want to travel to Spain where the rain falls mainly on the plain. Broadly speaking, I want to travel to Europe after I graduate mid-next year. By this time, I hope to owe it to myself to take some time off and celebrate the end of some harsh years with the rest of the world. I don't know where I will go or who I will go with, but adventures like these need to be taken. If only the bank account would agree. Not looking forward to staying in on Friday/Saturday nights for the next year. Someone find me a rich boyfriend... STAT.

Maybe it's due to the lack of H2O in my diet of fried chips and chocolate dessert but I'm feeling quite lethargic. I could use some of those delicious fruit smoothies sometime soon but as of this moment, I will settle for Pokka Jasmine Green Tea and an abnormally large, genetically modified-looking Fuji apple.

Oh well, back to trying to impress future employers. I hope all of this bodes well with my mediocre career soon.


  1. My favourite lyric too!

    I also love Pat Monahan's solo work. "Almost Midnight" is my favourite.

  2. PS Is that your bag?! It's beautiful! xx

  3. I love Pat's work as well. I have "Almost Midnight" and "Her Eyes" on my iPod.

    I wish that was my bag! But, sadly, it's not. Tumblr pictures are the closest I'll get to the real thing. Hehe.