Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Are What Your Bag Contains

I'm sure this is quite a deviation from all the "enlightening" writings that I post up. But I feel the need to inform you why my bag weighs the same amount as a pile of bricks. Also, this is a response to Laura Valerie's post on her blog, Pretty Poesy.

From top left, clockwise:

Visual Aids - I need glasses. I've always had a short sighted problem since I was 12 and have been wearing glasses ever since. To make things slightly better, I have a multi-coloured striped case to put my frames in (which is rarely put to use considering I have to wear my glasses all the time). As of now, they currently act as storage for my contact lenses and solution. You can also find a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses I purchased in Hong Kong. They are my first pair of designer sunglasses and I would be quite upset if I accidently sat on them. (Hence, why you should always keep sunglasses on your face and not on your bum. Haha. Lame joke.)

Make Up/Make Up Utensils - Beautiful Chantecaille powder foundation and lip gloss, although, the foundation is too dark for my face in winter, so it needs to be used up very soon. Otherwise, I'll have to put it in storage with all of my other half-used beauty products that I've been too lazy to throw away. An Etude House mirror, that was given to me as part of a "going-away" present from my former Singaporean work colleagues. I use it primarily to check out potential husbands while pretending to fix my face. Crabtree and Evelyn Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber body mist for the midday touchups. I imagine this is what heaven smells like. Sasa Tinnie blotting paper for my face. My face is very oily and I found I needed them everytime I stepped out of an air-conditioned office into Singapore's humidity. Not so much use in Perth now, but still handy to keep in the bag.

First Aid Kit - Tic Tacs or any form of prevention for bad breath is a must. I also find that they help when I'm bored. The standard band-aids and tissues are a no brainer for clumsiness. And.. er.. tampons. Keep hydrated throughout the day with a bottle of water. You may also find the odd bottle of Pokka Green Tea lying around. I always keep a fresh pair of stockings in my bag. You never know when you'll find yourself wandering into a shoe store trying out the next best thing.

Wallet - I bought my Anna Sui wallet in Hong Kong and treat it as if it were a living, breathing animal. I wasn't a fan of big flat wallets until I bought this but knowing I can store all my cards, cash, coins and other miscellaneous items in one convenient location, converted me. It's surprisingly still well-presented and intact after 2 years. Also, the colour is creamy gold - appealing on the eyes. Enough said.

Reading and Writing Material - I'm getting into the habit of bringing a small novel with me everywhere I go. This stemmed from the frequent morning/evening train rides to and from work in Singapore. I would endure a 30 minute train ride and would often be sandwiched up against many other commuters so reading a book allowed me to focus on the text in front of me rather than ponder questions about body odour. Furthermore, always bring something to write on and to write with. I have a Moleskin notebook which I bought last year and I love it. I jot down anything from ideas about blog posts to appointments with friends to songs I intend to download (legally). My Smiggle silver ball point pen was given to me as part of a travel gift from a Perth friend. Oh, also bring a blank USB with you, especially if you work in an office or are studying. Technology is advancing, kids.

Electronics - My Blackberry (or Crackberry) is my third limb. Communication is essential! Also, my iPod. I am a musical being at heart and it's a great way to de-stress from craziness and an even better way to escape from people talking. If I wanted to listen to a person talk, I'd use my phone. Simple.

Keys - Don't leave home without them. You'll need them to get back in.

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