Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Toast To All That Is Great

Source of picture: Anna And Molly
It's the father's 80th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Dad! I'm just glad he lived another year to see Justin Beiber get egged by a passer by. He enjoyed his hearty lunch at a Chinese restaurant (somehow not a fan of European cooking) and blew out his "80" candle on a Coffee Pecan Torte. Mum and I were going to get him 80 individual candles but figured it would take at least an hour for us to find that many sticks and another hour for him to blow it all out.

I'm now waiting for him to pull me aside and give me another life lesson through his "Sabrina, I want to talk to you about something..." approach. I dread these conversations. Usually they result in me tearing up at the realisation that he won't be around for much longer. I avoid having these particular discussions as much as I can but it seems unavoidable as long as I'm living at home and am unemployed.

But truth be told, I learnt more about him and myself in the time I was in Singapore than I had known throughout my life. Going out for dinner every night with him for a month, we were able to have intimate discussions and find out what I was going to do with my life. I hated the content of those talks but somehow, I loved him more for it. In that case, maybe all of our conversations weren't that bad. They made me focus on who I wanted to become and how to become that person by the way I lived my life.

So here's to dad for being fit, active (mentally and physically), wise, cynical, talkative and loving. I hope to see you for your 81st.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad :) 80 years old is such a milestone. I'm sure he is incredibly proud of you and everything you have achieved thus far. xx

  2. Thanks love. I hope he is too.