Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learn to Let Go

Source of picture: thebeabook

A serious fault of mine is the inability to let go. Be it friendships, relationships or, sometimes, anger. If only letting go were as easy as pulling your hand out of the water or even saying the phrase itself. 

My problems with detachment can only be attributed to the feeling of 'unfinished business' as well as other feelings of being 'forgotten', 'abandoned', and 'lonely'. I often find myself in relationships and friendships that end abruptly, leaving behind only a bitter taste of frustration and confusion. And it is only natural to want to solve the problem and not dwell in sad emotions for too long. A dear friend said to me "No matter what, you're always looking for a conclusion. An answer." I think that is true for most people. Answers are what give people closure, relief and thus, the ability to let go and move on.

Part of my experience in Singapore was to learn, in a healthy manner, how to let go. Of relationships. Of friendships. Of bitter emotions. However, the questions I wanted to ask could not be answered definitively. And sometimes, things will always be unfinished business, no matter how hard you try to find answers for them. The only thing to do - 'When you're on your way out or they're on their way out.' - is to say goodbye right there and then, and not make a fuss. 

But, I can't say that I have completely moved forward from it all. I promise I'm working on it.

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