Wednesday, August 3, 2011

High Tides Ahead

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After an eight month hiatus, I have returned to university for my final year of law school. The first 15 minutes of my first class of 2011 was spent reviewing the ever exciting unit guide, as well as learning the definition of a 'ship'. Riveting material on both accounts. Thankfully the class picked up after that and I'm sure I will establish a mutually respectable relationship with Shipping/Maritime/Admiralty Law over the semester.*

My friend asked me whether it felt weird to be back on campus. Indeed, it was a weird feeling! Sitting through a 3 hour lecture definitely made me realise how not used to studying I was. And how thoroughly exhausted I became after hearing someone talk non-stop for 3 hours. How did I ever get through it? Oh, that's right... with abnormal amounts of junk food and coffee. And so this semester will see a decline in my 'healthy living' standards- if there were any to begin with. Fantastic. Haha.

After affirming that my eating habits will inevitably lead to obesity, came the realisation of the amount of work I have to put in this coming semester. My motivation and self-confidence will most likely be pushed to the limits for the next couple of months. It was only during this week where I received 4 rejection emails for jobs in law firms - and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. Yes, a very bleak and pessimistic outlook on the situation but the real world is, unfortunately, a dark and unfair place. Success doesn't come easy and will require some sacrifices of one's own well-being. This is my last year to dimly glow shine. And all in all, it looks like I'll be returning to my hazelnut latte's, late nights with my study group and eating chocolate muffins for lunch.

*Fun Shipping Fact: Did you know that "empty ships" (cargo ships that are not carrying any goods/materials) are filled with sea water to reduce the likelihood of them "tipping over" when sailing from port to port? (Think of a small, squeaky toy boat floating in a bath tub.) They need to be able to sink in the water deep enough to be able to sail in oceans. The consequence of this is that when the ships are ready to be loaded with cargo, the water (carrying all sorts of marine life and bacteria) has to be dumped out in the waters of the port they have arrived at. As a result, a sensitive environment which may not be able to handle these bacteria and organisms, may find themselves under a bit of a pickle with damages to local sea life. Quite sad, right? 

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  1. One: You're awesome, I'm not worried about a kick-ass law firm hiring you!
    Two: Interesting Fun Shipping Fact.